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We Provide Best Premium Phalaenopsis Orchidea For Your Business

Welcome to PT Fiore Orchidea Indonesia, we are premium phalaenopsis orchid grower company which was established on October 15, 2020. We provide premium phalaenopsis orchids for necessities general and decorative needs. We are committed to providing the best premium phalaenopsis orchids products with our optimal service continuously. PT Fiore Orchidea Indonesia has served hundreds customers both for distributors, retail, and individual. We provide maximum service for each customer consistently with provide timely delivery services, quality product, and the for affordable price. Fiore In Italian it means flower. We hope Fiore can be a flower that accompanies our lovely customers everyday.

Our Advantage


We provide 50 variants of Premium Phalaenopsis Orchids to meet customer needs.


We believe that a dynamic and knowledgeable team is capable of creating high quality premium products.

Green House

We design the green house in all the a way that the premium phalaenopsis orchid plants grow comfortably and perfectly bloom.


We control the temperature, maintain humidity, regulate air circulation, and pay attention to the intensity of light for the perfect bloom of premium phalaenopsis orchids.


We are very enthusiastic in the domestic and foreign markets.

We were interviewed by ``Majalah Trubus, Indonesia``

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We are recognized for our phalaenopsis orchids expertise

We offer cohesive, fully integrated landscape of phalaenopsis orchids that include all of the elements, including plants, sprinkles & custom work in a way that feels like a natural extension of your office or home.
  • The Greenhouse development Service
  • Phalaenopsis Orchid growing service
  • Professional phalaenopsis orchids care service
  • Phalaenopsis orchids landscaping service

The Greenhouse Development Service

we are committed to creating sustainable and thriving communities through the power of greenhouse technologies.

Phalaenopsis orchid cultivating service

we specialize in cultivating and nurturing exquisite Phalaenopsis orchids. With our passion for these stunning flowers and years of experience in orchid cultivation, we take pride in delivering high-quality plants that bring beauty and elegance to any space.

Profesional phalaenopsis orchids care service

We understand that these delicate and elegant plants require specific attention to thrive and flourish, and our team of experienced professionals is here to ensure that your orchids receive the utmost care they deserve.

Phalaenopsis orchids landscaping service

We understand the allure and beauty of these exquisite phalenopsis orchids, and we bring our expertise in landscaping to transform spaces into lush phalaenopsis orchid-filled havens.

We are completely transparent with our pricing

Our quality services are available to both domestic and commercial customers.
Home Rental
Rp.500.000,- Rp.119
We provide phalaenopsis orchids arrangements for your home
2 unit arragements
30 Days fresh warranty
1 year contract minimum
profesional care included
Office Rental
Rp.2.000.000,- Rp.249
We provide phalaenopsis orchids arrangements for your office
4 premium arrangements
30 days warranty
1 year contract minimum
Weekly care included
Building Rental
Rp.150.000,- Rp.119
We provide phalaenopsis orchids arrangements for your building.
20 unit arragements
1 year contract minimum
30 Days fresh warranty
profesional care included


Step into a world of beauty and elegance as you explore the captivating collection of Phalaenopsis orchids in our gallery. We take great pride in curating a diverse selection of these exquisite flowers, showcasing their mesmerizing colors, patterns, and delicate features.

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